How do document Apache Camel Rest Endpoints using OpenApi or Swagger specification?


Step-by-Step guide

Add dependnacy in pom.xml

<version>3.14.0</version> <!-- Same as Camel Core -->


public class RestDsl extends RouteBuilder {
public void configure() throws Exception {
.dataFormatProperty("prettyPrint", "true")
.apiProperty("api.title", "Saggu.UK Camel Rest APIs")
.apiProperty("api.version", "1.0")

.responseMessage("200", "On good request")
.responseMessage("404", "For invalid city name")
.description("Get weather data for a given city")
.name("city").type(path).description("The name of the city e.g. London").dataType("string")




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Jasvinder S Saggu

Jasvinder S Saggu

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