How to build RestFul webservices using Apache Camel and SpringBoot ?

  • Representational state transfer (REST) is a software architectural style that was created to guide the design and development of the architecture for WWW the World Wide Web.
  • REST defines a set of constraints for how the architecture of an Internet-scale distributed hypermedia system, such as the Web, should behave
  • Any web service that obeys the REST constraints is informally described as RESTful APIs.
  • HTTP-based RESTful APIs are defined with the following aspects
  • a base URI, such as;
  • standard HTTP methods (e.g., GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE);
  • Build Java DSL style rest service to get Weather details
  • Build Rest DSL style rest service to get Weather details
  • Ability to Save the data
  • When there is no data then return 404 — Not Found
  • Also publish an event to RabbitMQ




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Jasvinder S Saggu

Jasvinder S Saggu

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