How to get Spring Actuator Health Status through Java Code?

So How Do I consume the Actuator response within my applciation too?

Typically I have seen developers invoking the health web endpoint and parse the output. Which is okay but requires a lot of boiler plate code and it’s error prone.

  1. Aggregated Health Status
import org.springframework.stereotype.Component;
public class MyHealthStatusProvider {
private final HealthEndpoint healthEndpoint; public MyHealthStatusProvider(HealthEndpoint healthEndpoint) {
this.healthEndpoint = healthEndpoint;
public Status getHealthStatus() {
public class MyComponentHealthStatusProvider {
private final List<HealthIndicator> healthIndicators; public MyHealthStatusProvider(List<HealthIndicator> healthIndicators) {
this.healthIndicators = healthIndicators;
public List<HealthIndicator> getHealthStatus() {
return this.healthIndicators;



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