Spring Configuration Transformer Maven Plugin

A maven plugin to automatically transform Spring configuration files to html or markdown output.

How to use?


Please ensure your Spring (SpringBoot ) application is able to generate configuration metadata json file. See Spring Configuration Metadata page for more information.

Plugin Configuration

Add the following plugin to your project’s pom.xml file. The plugin will be executed after code has been compiled and metadata file has been generated.

<!-- Update below to latest available version. For example: 0.0.1-SNAPSHOT-->


<reportTitle>Title of your report</reportTitle>



  • metadataJsonFileName The plugin comes with default template to generate html outputs. But you can customise and provide the location of your template file in this variable.
  • outputFileName Name of the output file name. You can either provide absolute path or file will be created in the root folder. Feel free to use maven variables to build the path.
  • reportTile Title for the generated report

Source Code



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